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Welcome to Walkopedia, our interactive directory of the world’s best walks and hikes.  

April 14
We are receiving page visits at an annual rate of 500,000 for the first time 

Feb 14
Our 700th walk is loaded!

Feedback Jan 14
This website offers great inspiration for walking and traveling! Every time I come to visit here I want to start walking any other trail.... (Johnnywalker)

Feedback Dec 13
Just discovered this website, what a fantastic resource. Time to plan some more walks! Gaby

Is this perfect feedback?

Brilliant site! Wow! Its all here. Finally something to really get your teeth into. The photos the ratings the descriptions the information are absolutley fantastic and spot on..... Thank you Walkopedia your finger is on the pulse, your feet on the right trail. Walkers of the world unite indeed! Bill Peel (7.2013)


We are in the process of developing information on a huge selection of worldwide walks, so bear with us until this site reaches its full glory....but, in the meantime, do let us know of any favourite walk or trek that you think should be introduced to the world.


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Walkers of the World Unite!

Huangshan, China

Our aims are:
  • To have as close to a complete collection of the world’s great walks and hikes as can be achieved, by 2020. This requires daunting levels of research - and walking - and help from walk lovers like you. So, please give us your suggestions and comments.
  • To give you good information and links, to help you plan an expedition.

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THE WORLD'S 100 BEST WALKS: as walked and selected by William Mackesy

William Mackesy is on a long quest to identify the world’s 100 best walks. He is tackling and assessing all the walks himself, and has so far done more than 40% of the likely Top 100 (listed on our about page). His descriptions of these walks will be appearing on this website.
Alta Via 1 Dolomites
His planned book on these walks is provisionally titled "Fat Man Walking: a Good Wheeze". But, as he is 50 and his knees are in decline, he suspects the project will involve lowered sights at some point.

Identifying the best walks requires a system as well as stamina:but what are the essential ingredients of a great walk? Outstanding beauty is not sufficient on its own (there are thousands of beautiful walks). It is some special charisma, often combined with a natural wonder or historical or artistic association, which propels a walk into the highest ranks. Adjustments are needed for miseries such as crowding and altitude. See our walks assessment system, which we have developed to balance between these varied factors.


Kilimanjaro at dawn from Mt Meru


See our provisional list of the world’s 100 best walks, with ratings. These preliminary rankings will be revised for further candidates and adjusted markings. You can help to develop the final, definitive, list. Your suggestions for candidates, and comments on walks on the list, will be very welcome.

Click here to see William’s personal favourites walks.



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You can join our community and help to develop the final, definitive, Top 100 list and a full collection of the world’s best walks and hikes. Your suggestions for candidates, and comments on walks on this website, will be very welcome. You can:

  • recommend a walk, or submit your own description of a favourite walk;
  • suggest additions or changes to an existing walk description and our walks assessments, including your tips, tales and photos; and
  • give us other feedback or comments.

Go to our community page to see more on the Walkopedia project, including the ideas of other walk lovers.


Results are out for our 2011 competitions for:

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Lake Manasarovar,Tibet


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Countries with highest concentration of the world's best walks

Country No. in Top 100 % of all walks
China 11
Nepal 7
Peru 6
Spain 6
France 6
India 6
Italy 5
UK 5
Norway 4


We are planning to feature good charity walks from around the world. Let us know of any charity walks you would like us to feature!


  1. Mount Kailash Kora, China
  2. Mustang, Nepal
  3. Inca Trails, Peru
  4. Petra Area, Jordan
  5. The Dolomites, Italy
  6. Cappadocia, Turkey
  7. Torajaland, Indonesia
  8. Drakensberg Escarpment, South Africa
  9. Wollo Highlands, Ethiopia
  10. Q'adisha Valley, Lebanon

(Walkopedia's provisional rating)


Bitterroot Mountains, Western: Bitterroot Mts, USA

  • The Bitterroot National Forest coats the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains on the Montana/Idaho border - some of the most impenetrable peaks of America, where glaciers have carved huge u-shaped valleys and steep, sharp ridges into the vast granite outcropping of the Idaho Batholith.
  • Named for the small pink Bitterroot flower, the state plant of Montana, the area is home to mountain goats, bighorn sheep, wolves, bears and mountain lions.

Further information


  • April 2014: we are receiving page visits at an annual rate of 500,000 for the first time
  • Feb 2014: our 700th walk is loaded!
  • Jan 2014: 327,000 page views in 2013
    Hardly google, but still 70% growth
  • Dec 2013: our winter magazine: Myanmar's marvels
  • Nov 2013: our Autumn magazine: The beauties of Scotland's Aberdeenshire
    ...and the best heather ever in summer 2013?

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Vicente Perez Rosales NP, Patagonia: Vicente Perez Rosales NP,Chile

  • Walk the lush river valleys of Vicente Perez Rosales NP; marvel at the profusion of exotic birds and gaze up at the volcanic beauty of glacier-capped Volcan Osorno.
  • Meander from the creeks and inlets of Lago Todos los Santos to a small settlement near the steep shores of Lago Rupanco, on a hike taking in the relaxing natural hot springs at Termas de Callao.

Further information


  • We have been told that it is not currently possible to walk the full Cinque Terre route due to landslides, but this is not mentioned much on the internet. Does anyone have any more information?
  • Charity walks: we are planning to have a focus on good charity walks (it will take a while to change the site)... in the meantime let us know of great upcoming walks around the world - the longer the notice, the better!
  • What is your favourite walk, and why? How would it rate using our system?

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