Markha Valley

  • Ladakh Stark Landscape - © By Flickr user mckaysavage
  • Shepherds in Ladakh - © By Flickr user Koshyk
  • Salty Tso Kar - © By Flickr user mckaysavage
  • Lake Tso Moriri - © By Flickr user Mielna
  • India, Ladakh, Indus - © By Flickr user mckaysavage
  • India, Ladakh, Tso Kar - © By Flickr user mckaysavage
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  • Tso Kar Panorama - © By Flickr user mckaysavage
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  • Tso Moriri Lake - © By Flickr user CortoMaltese_1999
  • Ladakh - © By Flickr user Koshyk
  • Lovely Tso Kar - © By Flickr user mckaysavage

Key information: Markha Valley

    • Ladakh - Tibetan and Buddhist (and known as Little Tibet) yet part of India - is one of the world's most beautiful and most intact areas.
    • This trek crosses a mountain range from the upper Indus valley, then follows the beautiful Markha valley for a few days before crossing back to the roadhead in the Indus valley.
    • Superb views of the high, dry mountains, interesting wildlife and of course the heartwarming Ladakhi people.
    • This is a high, remote and tough walk in mountains (crossing passes up to 5,100m), on which you will have to be self sufficient: be prepared.

Walkopedia rating

(Top 100)
  • Walkopedia rating90
  • Beauty34
  • Natural interest15
  • Human interest10
  • Charisma34
  • Negative points3
  • Total rating90
  • Note: Negs: altitude; some popularity.

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 8-9 days
  • Maximum Altitude: 5,100m
  • Level of Difficulty: Difficult

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Ladakh - © By Flickr user Koshyk
Salty Tso Kar - ©By Flickr user mckaysavage

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Lake Tso Moriri - ©By Flickr user Mielna...

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