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Key information: Vechtdalpad

  • A fine trail along this lovely and interesting valley which runs from the German border to the IJsselmeer inland sea.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating82.5
  • Beauty28
  • Natural interest13.5
  • Human interest12
  • Charisma29
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating82.5

Vital Statistics

  • Length: About 75km
  • Maximum Altitude: N/A
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate

This walk description page is at an early stage of development, and will be expanded over time. Your comments on this walk, your experiences and tips, and your photos are very welcome.

Vechtdalpad: Vechtdalpad the river - © Hans Plas


The Netherlands is much more varied that we ignorant foreigners may appreciate.

Our friends the Oraniginas walking group of the Netherlands say:

“The river Vecht originates in Germany and is 120 km long up to its mouth in the IJsselmeer near Zwolle. Total length of the way marked Local Path route in the Netherlands is about 75 km/47 miles. The river used to be very wild. The consequences are still visible in the landscapes: sand dunes and rare flora. In recent decades, a lot of effort has been made to restore the natural values. This is very well done: the area along the river has become very attractive for walking. Moreover, it is quiet.

On trail you'll come through a couple of nice villages, in old Dutch style, a lot of mansions, a castle (Rechteren castle Dalfsen), off trail, windmills and authentic farms. Some “climbs” on day 3 …..this is the Netherlands….
Special bird species in this river landscape.
Forests, moors, moraines, floodplains: there are always different views.
Because of the accretion during centuries a rare flora has arisen on the banks of the river.
Or walk through the sand drifts near Ommen, called the Sahara....

Getting there/away: the trail starts at the railway station of the hanseatic city of Zwolle. You can still sense the rich history of this city. From Amsterdam (airport Schiphol) it's about 2 hrs by express train. During this train journey, you will largely be driving below sea level. There is a train running along the route so you can easily return to Schiphol airport or elsewhere.

Accommodation: hotels or B&B's. Camping sites in summer.

Maps:  a guidebook: " het Vechtdalpad, LAW, publisher VVV Overijssels Vechtdal, ISBN909011123-98". With topographical maps of the stages. To buy in the VVV tourist-office in city center Zwolle. As said: the route is very well marked.

For more information about the trail, the landscapes, the culture, the photos, a video, please visit:

Thank you to the Oranginas for the information, and Hans Plas in particular. Also for the lovely photos. And to Marjin Bosma for the map.

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This page is at an early stage of development. Please help us by giving ideas and sending photos! Thank you!

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Vechtdalpad: Rechteren Castle - © Hans Plas

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Vechtdalpad: the colors of the Vechtdalpad - © Hans Plas

Anyone planning an expedition to this place should see further important information about this walk.

Vechtdalpad: Vechtdalpad Zwolle city - © Hans Plas...

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