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May 2019: to Ethiopia at last.

To fabled Ethiopia at last. Amazing place, with stunning landscapes, thrilling wildlife, unique history and special people. And now is the time to get there, as it is enjoying a period of (relative) stability.

January 2019: magazine: Corsica - less famous than it should be

  Corsica - less famous than it should be - January 2019. Stunning walking, from high, rugged mountains, to ancient mule parth to coastal beauties - with good food thrown in!

November 2018: Curzon Trail (Kuari Pass), N India

A one-of-best-ever walk in the Indian Himalaya, near Nanda Devi, India's highest wholly-owned mountain and one of its most beautiful. A really magical walk, from villages and their fields, to pastures, to old forest, to the high ridges above the tree-line for outstanding views of the high range.

July 2018: Lonely Planet profile and Oldie magazine piece on Walkopedia

See Lonely Planet's profile on Walkopedia and William's Top 100 project.

And a long piece in June's Oldie magazine about our project and the world's top 50 "do-able" walks.

April 2018:amazing Lanzarote
Volcanic walking in the extreme

We were due to go to walk in Ethiopia in March, but couldn't make is, so went to Lanzarote and were bowled over by the Drama and beauty. Not its image at all!

February 2018: Arches NP, USA

  We've posted our first report from our amazing exploration of the Utah's canyonlands and rocky weirdnesses: Arches National Park. Enjoy!

October 2017: walking in amazing Madeira.

A form of walking heaven. High knife-edges to extraordinary "levada" irrigation channels. Lots of walks to be posted!

August 2017: just back from walking in gorgeous western Kerry, Ireland.

What an area. Best walk was Carrauntoohil, Ireland's highest mountain and possessor of thrillingly beautiful views of mountains, crags, ridges, lakes and the shimmering pewter sea. Lots to follow.

March 2017: Big moment - our 1,000th walk is loaded...

.....and it is, fittingly, the magnificent Jebel Akhdar in Oman.

Christopher Somerville's talk at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival
We are proud to be sponsoring Christopher Somerville's talk at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival on his book The January Man. Sunday 30 April, 2017.

“The January Man is the story of a year of walks. Month by month, season by season and region by region, Christopher Somerville walks the British Isles, following routes that continually bring his father to mind.” https://www.chiplitfest.com/events/the-january-man

January 2017: 740,000 page views in 2016!

December 2016: we're building something beautiful, and we aren't Donald Trump!
Making walking great again!

November 2016: walking in Oman
Just back from some amazing walking on Oman. Tough, rough mountains, but stunning, and WARM, a welcome word to northern Europeans at this time of year! Lots of details and photos to post...

Walkopedia magazine Aug 2016: the Galapagos islands as unexpected walking heaven
At last - after some work, we have a new format for our magazines. See our latest edition. Happy reading!

Aug 16: not everyone likes walking!
A reply to a Walkopdia request to a friend to come walking in Ethiopia: "Mucho gratias for the invite to walk for hours on end up and down some mountains in Ethiopia, but I'd rather stick hot darning needles under my finger nails whilst watching a repeat of England vs Iceland."

July 2016: After walking across the UK's Lake District on the Coast to Coast, we're loading details of some 20 of the Lakes' best walks

24 April 2016: First Story announce the results of their writing competition
The wonderful First Story childrens' charity announce the results of their writing competition sponsored by Walkopedia: http://www.firststory.org.uk/2016/04/21/walkopedia-competition-winners-announcement/

23 April 2016: our 2 millionth page view!

April 16 - Brenno says: "To my consternation have only just discovered Walkopedia - what have I missed all these years."

March 2016: We have just loaded 40+ walks for Ecuador
We have just loaded 40+ walks for Ecuador, following our exploration there in December. Enjoy!

Jan 2016: 580,000 page views in 2015

Dec 2015: we are proud to announce ur partnership with Walk Japan
Have a look at www.walkjapan.com - their selection of adventures will make you drool disgustingly

November 2015: our new-look site is finally ready!

May 2015: 800 walks on Walkopedia!

June 2014: working away at Pyrenees pages
Working away at a huge batch of 20 or more Pyrenees pages, including the amazing Gavarnie/Ordesa circuit. What a glorious area.

April 2014: we are receiving page visits at an annual rate of 500,000 for the first time

Feb 2014: our 700th walk is loaded!

Jan 2014: 327,000 page views in 2013
Hardly google, but still 70% growth

Dec 2013: our winter magazine: Myanmar's marvels

Nov 2013: our Autumn magazine: The beauties of Scotland's Aberdeenshire
...and the best heather ever in summer 2013?
see it here Autumn 2013 edition

Oct 2103: can't wait to share the beauty of the Pyrenees
Just back from the high country, walking across the range from France to Spain and back, and it is exceptionally interesting as well as the harsh beauty you would expect

Summer 2013 magazine out: Tasmania, including marvellous Overland Tack
see it at www.walkopedia.net/summer2013/

July 2013: is this the perfect feedback?
This makes all the slog worthwhile...click below to see more.

 Is this is perfect feedback?

Brilliant site! Wow! Its all here. Finally something to really get your teeth into. The photos the ratings the descriptions the information are absolutley fantastic and spot on..... Thank you Walkopedia your finger is on the pulse, your feet on the right trail. Walkers of the world unite indeed!  Bill Peel (7.2013)

June 2013: see the Spring 2013 edition of our Walkopedia magazine:
At http://www.walkopedia.net/magazine-spring2013/

April 2013 - Myanmar trekking is amazing.
See Kalaw to Inle Lake trek at http://www.walkopedia.net/walks/display-walk.asp?WalkID=966

March 2103: Rick McCharles' favourite hiking website, see Wellsphere.com
See http://www.wellsphere.com/hiking-article/walkopedia/1819976
See http://www.wellsphere.com/hiking-article/walkopedia/1819976

Feb 2013: over 625 walks on Walkopedia, Off to check out Myanmar treks in March
Any suggestions or ideas or experiences?

Jan 2013: winter magazine
Featuring Cappadocia in Turkey, Wind River Mountains and much more

November 2012: our 600th walk loaded!

June 2012: featured in Brummell magazine
Brummell magazine, "the little black book for the City", features Walkopedia and its origins: see http://issuu.com/showmedia/docs/vip4-brum_june12_single-62376/25 at page 25
       Click here to view the article

March 2012: travel writing and photo competition results
We have had some brilliant entries, and selecting the winners was a real problem.
See the results.

Dec 2011: see our winter magazine, featuring wierd and wonderful Tenerife and the infamous GR20


Nov 2011: over 450 walks in Walkopedia, ahead of schedule.


August 2011: our Autumn magazine is out, featuring Tibet's sacred circumambulations.
We're particularly proud of this one.

We're particularly proud of this one - find it by clicking here.

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July 2011: visits to Walkopedia rising
We are expecting over 180,000 unique visitors to Walkopedia in 2011, a 100% increase over 2010

We are expecting over 180,000 unique visitors to Walkopedia in 2011, a 100% increase over 2010

June 2011: over 400 walks in Walkopedia

March 2011: Kate Humble chooses Walkopedia as one of her favourite websites
Kate Humble recently chose Walkopedia as one of her favourite websites for The Good Web Guide. Click below to view more and read the newsletter.
Kate Humble, the popular BBC TV presenter and broadcaster, recently did a guest edited newsletter for The Good Web Guide (www.thegoodwebguide.com) and Walkopedia was amongst the six favourite websites she chose, www.thegoodwebguide.co.uk. Their newsletter can be read here

Feb 2011: 50,000 page visits in January 2011


Jan 2011: LA Times and San Francisco chronicle feature Walkopedia
See LA Times http://lat.ms/fyHNw9, and the San Francisco Chronicle http://bit.ly/eeV5Dw


Dec 2010: 160,000 page visits in 2010, up 147%
Add full details here.

Oct 2010: Autumn edition of Walkopedia magazine out: Lofoten Islands, Angkor and much more
Add full details here.

Aug and Sept 2010: around 18,000 page visits in each month

July 2010: over 360 walks in Walkpopedia


June 2010: Walkopedia features on World Cup Walking in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post and a South African in-flight magazine


May 2010: over 19,000 page visits this month


March 2010: the UK's Spectator magazine carries a Walkopedia exploration of Greece's holy Mt Athos


Dec 09: 105,000 page visits in 09. Walkopedia magazine features Alta Via 1 in Italy's Dolomites and Torajaland in Sulawesi, Indonesia


Nov 09: coming up: World Cup walking: best walks for those who need to clear their heads....
Give us your ideas and suggestions!


Oct 09: Autumn edition of Walkopedia magazine
Mt Kailash, Tibet (world's best walk??), Kungsleden , Annapurna

Sept 09: amazing Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites


June 09: second edition of our online magazine released

Sign on for your free copy!

March 09: the outstanding North Drakensberg Traverse

Feb 09: approaching 100,000 page visits in our first year


January 2009: the first edition of our beautiful and intriguing Walkopedia Magazine has been issued.

Click here to see it.

December 2008: over 300 walks in Walkopedia

November 2008: first edition of Walkopedia magazine coming out in January 09.
We aim to make this the most beautiful and enjoyable mag around for fellow walk pervs. Log in your email address via our home page to receive your copy!
  We aim to make this the most beautiful and enjoyable mag around for fellow walk pervs. Log in your email address via our home page to receive your copy!

September 2008: over 270 walks in the site


August 08: over 14.000 page visits; over 250 walks in our site
Add full details here.

July 2008: 240 walks in Walkopedia
Add full details here.

June 2008: A trio of amazing walks done in northern Greece - the Pindos/Vikos Circuit, Meteora and Mt Olympus.


May 2008: 200th walk in Walkopedia


April 2008: well over 8,000 page visits in March, our first month


Article on our project in Intelligent Life Magazine, March 2008.


1st March 2008 : Walkopedia switches on!


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