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Here are some general links that should be useful. There are (or will in time be!) specifically relevant links on the individual walk pages. We are filtering the information on this page, to avoid a jumble of not always useful sites and save you scrolling time.

Your suggestions for useful links to add to this page would be much appreciated.

The best starting point for background information on an area is the often magnificent

Walking/hiking websites - a great site, mainly North America focused, with a good selection of day walks.  - some good walks and information (best on the Americas). - a bit hit and miss, but can come up with some useful stuff. - basic information on huge number of mountains: many for serious climbers, but many for walkers too. 

Oranginas: inspiring walks, writing and photos from a group of walking Dutchmen (and women!)!


Dairy of a Nomad: Great commentaries and write-ups, as well as pics: Particularly good for Oceania.


South Africa: marvellous, inspiring

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Photo Websites

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Travel advice

UK Foreign Office: excellent for up-to-date information (including information on health) by country:

US State Department: provides regularly updated information on each country, with travel tips, travel alerts and travel warnings – includes information on health. is a lovely site with lots of useful information, and "planner" function.

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Health information

Fit for Travel: UK government site for country-specific vaccination and other preparatory advice:

UK National Travel Health Network and Centre (for information sheets on particular illnesses and health issues)

UK Dept. of Health: for general health information and information on major diseases:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): American site on health and disease, including lots of detailed information for prospective travellers:

Altitude sickness - see some good ideas here:

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Resources: everything from tents to training. See our list of helpful sites:

The perfect introduction to walking and hiking, and the skills you need: Sikana is an educational movement that democratizes practical knowledge by creating and sharing basic skills videos for free. In order to do so, they gather a community of inspiring experts, volunteers and organizations. We love the look of their Hiking Program. Filmed in near the French Alps and with over 50 stunning videos, it teaches you everything you'll need to get into the great outdoors on your first hike. From basic navigation, to choosing the right equipment and everything in-between, they cover all the bases. Watch it for free and get inspired to start hiking!  YouTube:

BackpackingLight: - the site for those who like to travel ultra light (or just a bit lighter).

Also try Bigfoot Services: - offering expedition and high altitude first aid training, and Pre-trek weekend training courses, in the UK's Brecon Beacons. 20% discount on clothing and equipment at their local outdoor shop.

Take some things for a local charity: see the clever 

“How many times have you been travelling and visited a school or community or local charity that you would love to help? The school needs books, or a map or pencils; an orphanage needs children's clothes or toys. All things that, if only you'd known, you could've stuffed in your rucksack. But once you get home you forget, or you've lost the address, or worry that whatever you send will be stolen before it even gets there...”
That's what they are for: they list charities who need kit and would welcome some being brought.

Climbing & Trekking Insurance guide:  numerous issues, but a key one - does the insurance cover the altitude you will be going to?

 Walking and camping equipment - our partners Gear Hungry 

Bears: if going to bear country, the key is to be prepared and know what to do. See this excellent- looking article: see also the excellent

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Expedition organisers

The following are some good expedition organisers. Browse their expeditions to get drool-inducing ideas…



Steppes East: we have used them in Mongolia, Pakistan and Central Asia; while they are not cheap, they have always provided top grade expeditions and support –

Exodus: A fine selection of great walks –


Wilderness Travel: have a fabulous selection of expeditions – possibly at the more expensive end –

Sherpa - some great walking holidays around the world, for singles.


Alternative Travel Group: groundbreaking firm with a fabulous selection of walks (guided and “meet your baggage”) throughout Europe and further afield -

South America

Condor Journeys:




Walk Japan - magisterial. We are proud to be partners with them. Superb, offering a selection from the wilderness (Hokkaido) to history and culture (Kumano Kodo, Naksendo, Basho Tour), and everything between.  


Hong Kong -  


Books, maps

Our favourite trekking books:

Trekking Atlas of the World, Ed. Jack Jackson
Classic Treks, Ed. Bill Birkett
The World’s Great Adventure Treks, Ed. Jack Jackson
Classic Hikes of the World, by Peter Potterfield


The following are the best guidebook publishers (we will be developing recommendations for walk-specific guidebooks on our walk pages).

  • Cicerone - The biggest selection of superbly written up worldwide walks from Walkopedia's friends. 
  • Trailblazer - Walkopedia friends, lovely, thoughtful books on a good selection of the world's best walks. 
  • Lonely Planet
  • Odyssey (good, especially on Asia)
  • Bradt
  • Footprint
  • Cadogan
  • Sunflower day-walking guides (delightful; Europe focus).


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Car rental

Here are links to well known international firms. Links to local providers, who may be cheaper, are given on some individual walk pages.

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Have a look at our partners Skyscanner's endless choice

Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights: 12 Dos and Don’ts



  • aim to provide all the hostel information anyone could ever want, all in one place.


 Walking and mental/physical health            

This needs its own entire page, as we hugely believe that the headspace you get from walking is fantastic for happiness, perspective, creativity - you name it. As for the physical benefits... In the meantime, we will give some valuable links... - a US organisation which "strengthens the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and ACADEMIC HEALTH of students while they walk, listen, and learn": as well as the fantastic work it looks like they do, we love the links straight back to the peripatetic methods of the Greek philosophers.... Go, GUYS.


A difficult task, deciding what to put in here. To start:

Other activities for walkers   

Great ideas for fishermen (and women!) to go with (or after!) a great walk....


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