Sgurr na Stri

Scotland, Isles, Skye, United Kingdom

William Mackesy’s account of this walk

There are three ways of approaching Sgurr na Stri. Walkopedia walked in from the Elgol road via the beautiful Camasunary beach. This is a pretty if not spectacular walk until you crest the high ridge above Camasunary, where the visual fireworks explode. What a view - the pale, beautiful strand of Camasunary lies directly below you; beyond it, Sgurr na Stri sits, alone, a pretty loch to its right and the sea to its left, with the dark,  jagged Black Cuillin Ridge looming behind it. 

A steep descent and a wander across the beach, then we turn right to cross the river and climb steeply over beautiful if sometimes boggy ground up into a corrie to the right of Sgurr na Stri itself, on rough and sometimes vanishing paths, meeting and following the left-handed stream, but shifting to its right side in time to pass through a small defile.

We get stuck into a steady slog up steep  hillside, finding occasional paths; quite near the top, we swing left to gain the high ridge after a few more minutes of grind. 

We are rewarded with our first  proper views into the Black Cuillin.  On the other side, we join the main path and follow faults and balconies on the southern side of the rocky top to reach the summit and those  famously thrilling views. Walkopedia was not disappointed, and defies anyone to spend less than half an hour up there. With a vast view around the entire extent of the jagged, thrilling Black Cuillin ridge, as well as their Red siblings, with superb Loch Coruisk at our feet and the island-speckled sea to our left, this is an ecstatically beautiful view, and we understand why it is often claimed that SNS has Britain's most beautiful view.

 We retrace our steps, stopping at Camasunary for a paddle and lounge on the warm sand. We have timed our walk so we are on the beach for an early supper. We only meet the famous midges when we leave the sand, so enjoy a blessed hour of tranquility after a long walk. 

The walk out back to the Elgol road is beautiful in the slanting evening light, with wonderful views back on the mountains we have been enjoying, silhouetted against the last light.

10 hours including lunch and supper at Camasunary.

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