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July 2021kept those muscles and beauty-receptors busy at home in the UK: Exmoor, Dartmoor, Snowdonia. Come and visit our lovely country!

April 2021: our spring 2021 magazine: Walking with Trees: the Kumano Kōdō Kōhechi  - Stephen Barber's account and photos of one of Japan's great pilgrimage trails. 

March 2021:  our main focus is keeping our walking friends cheerful in these depressing times - posting "virus antidotes" and a new magazine about to be published - and adding new walks: have a look at our Yosemite, Skye and Jasper NP pages!

January 2021: our winter e-magazine:  Virus antidote 3 - another batch of gorgeous photos to give some hope and cheer. There is a future with walking! 

October 2020: UK's Cairngorms, Hadrian's Wall, Cumbria High Way. With much the world in varied lockdown, we fled north the check out some of the UK's best walking during a lockdown lull. Refreshing in a difficult time.

August 2020: the amazing Isle of SkyeExtraordinarily varied landscape, from the thrilling, world-famous Black Cuilllin to the geological oddity of the Quiraing to white coral sand beaches. Walking bliss.

March 2020: we've finally got to Mt Kilimanjaro. Wonderful walking, done the slow way. Just before the virus really hit, so we feel both lucky and sad for the wonderful team there, for whom life isn't going to be easy in the coming months.


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Hadrian's Wall - Walks in the UK Hadrian's Wall, UK
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