Berliner Hohenweg

  • Austria Zillertal Alps, Berliner Hohenweg, Berliner Hohenweg Nr 526 uber dem Schlegeisspeicher , Walkopedia
  • Austria Zillertal Alps, Berliner Hohenweg,  Hohenweg - J11, Walkopedia
  • Austria Zillertal Alps, Berliner Hohenweg, Zillertal Hohenweg , Walkopedia
  • Austria Zillertal Alps, Berliner Hohenweg, Hohenweg-Madrisella , Walkopedia
  • Austria Zillertal Alps, Berliner Hohenweg, Berliner Hohenweg , Walkopedia
  • Austria Zillertal Alps, Berliner Hohenweg, Berliner Hohenweg , Walkopedia

Key information: Berliner Hohenweg

  • One of Austria’s finest walks, a marvellous horseshoe around the Zillertal region.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating87
  • Beauty34
  • Natural interest16
  • Human interest5
  • Charisma33
  • Negative points1
  • Total rating87

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 42km/4-5 days
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,081m
  • Level of Difficulty: Strenuous

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Berliner Hohenweg:  Hohenweg - J11 - © William Mackesy


The Berliner Höhenweg is arguably the finest section of the Zillertal Höhenweg. One of Austria’s great walks. While it is often walked east-west, it officially runs west-east. 

The first stage is a 3.5hr, 1,200m, climb to the Gams Hut (1,928m). 

Stage 2 is long (14km/10hr or so) and demanding (with lots of ups and downs), but gorgeous, traversing upward along the northern sides of the Zamergrund valley to the Friesenberghaus (2,477m).  

Stage 3 is again superb, dropping to the depths of the Zamsergrund before climbing to the Furtschaglhaus (2,293m). 5-6hrs for most people. 

The thrilling stage 4 crosses the high and exposed Schönbichler Scharte (3,081m, take great care in poor weather), then drops across the high bowl of the upper Zemmgrund valley, below the border ridge with Italy, to the wonderfully sited Berliner Hut. 6-7hrs for most people. 

Thence, the last stage descends the Zemmgrund valley to the road at the Gasthof Breitlahmer. This is quite a short stage (2.5hrs or so), so could be combined with stage 4 by the fit and keen. 

This is a hut-to-hut walk, so heavy loads don’t need to be carried. It is a demanding walk, with exposed (cabled) sections, long climbs from huts to passes, and in remote mountains with uncertain weather. Come fully prepared, 

Have a look at TripAdvisor– you should get good, current views on the area. 

Walking in Austria – Allan Hartley for Cicerone is the book for this walk, and has other walks in the area. Find relevant books on Amazon.

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Berliner Hohenweg: Zillertal Hohenweg  - © wiki user Klaus Kettner

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Berliner Hohenweg: Hohenweg-Madrisella  - © wiki user SchiDD

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Berliner Hohenweg: Berliner Hohenweg  - © pixabay user marcino...

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